1st beat invitational july6

it's june and what i thought would be a semi regular blog is in fact a sporadic musing puddle.

that feels more appropriate to my style anyway.
the only cataloging that occurs naturally to me is rapping

the shop is open for the summer, we're rocking the same hours we did through spring tho we might change em up.

we're throwing a late nite...
soulfolks' 1st beat invitational
hosted by ????
8pm - 11pm
@ 53 main st
biddeford maine

beatmakers are invited to pull up early. (730pm)
the first 30 minutes we will mingle, sip, smoke, whatever and catch a vibe.
all willing beatmakers will enter their alias to a cap where these will be drawn
as to who will perform next.
we will split the ~2 1/2 hrs equally among all names placed into the hat

we have 2 15s and an 18" sub. we have a mixer that can accomodate most set ups involving RCAs, quarter inches, auxiliaries, XLRs or any combination therein however we ask you bring whatever cables you need to plug into the mothership.
the event is BYOB / snack.
the event is free.

see you there