intentions and transitions

peace planet earth and the extraterrestrial party persons who inhabit the sphere

transmissions had cooled to a luke minimum for sometime as a number of strategic
guerrilla operations were executed on behalf of the bookoo bread co. & ruby yacht thieves guild
throughout major american megadelopocropolises.

the troupe has branched into separate holdings and principalities for the time being to
meditate and restore mana, develop new shadow techniques, and to begin the excellent task
of creating symbols.

username: bob

we intend for the next year, that is stardate a. d. 2020 to be one of exciting beacons
and forecasts.

recently found myself with a pocketful of early evening and spent it at the theater viewing the following:

realizing at the end of times, i want to be driving 'a 92 caddy brougham. hmu with leads.

the following is a foto series encapsulating one of the most trying periods of my life.
you will notice everything is incredibly beautiful and calm.

stay up

yours in art and will,