as an artist i'm interested in moving passed the limits of my identity in this society. i engage with art as a practice to find new ways of moving, being, accessing data, conversion techniques, i look for muscle memory developing practice that involves throwing my mind outside of itself. to me creating art is wrestling with the noumenal self as much as possible. i think my output as a rapper could be viewed this way. even in the years i was not capable of expressing these terms explicitly, i was wrist deep in chunky apple sauce clutching for big bits.

rap is an exciting medium for metaphysics because it openly invites myth as well as public editing. i am free to take, break, join pieces as i please from all source materials in every time through all mediums. hip hop ensures this.

in an effort to start widening my biomythosphere i created the scallops hotel to inject a topological absurdity to my rapping position. that was 6 years ago. the balance and interplay between milo and scallops hotel began to dictate the rhythms of my life, eagerly found myself bopping from city to city codedly etching all i see through these 2 filters. what was not for one was surely for the other.

i want to take it further. it does feel like the milo arc is well established now and one that won't need much maintenance anymore. but what other points illumine the biomythosphere?

the ruby yacht is an ancestral ark of bones that navigates through the miasma and misery for a plotted route back home. it is a blessed vessel and can guarantee your safety.

the scallops hotel is a renegade who can never be spoken of in a predictive sense.

nostrum grocers is a co-op of Black families committed to expanding the borders of health,mind,land,myth&future.

REDWALL is a lifelong collaboration between alexander kollman and rory ferreira containing but not limited to anything the duo create together in the same room.

Black Orpheus is the reckless bellower of the Great Fire.

LORD SKIPIO is the derelict scoundrel looking to box anyone.

but who is R.A.P. FERREIRA, ignoble peon poet?

that question remains to be answered.

yours in leisure,


  1. Thank you. Blessed be the Ruby Yacht and family this Ark carries and protects.
    I personally stopped listening to music after the Death of my mother in 2012. Stopped all lyrics and couldn't catch a beat. I traveled to another state and listened to my first sessions with Milo and Scallops Hotel there and along the way. At times I questioned self, Milo, and the world for that matter. But through every song and recital I found myself again. Who I am, Who I love and aspire to become as a Father and great human being.
    Thanks to not only Rory but everybody in and those who support the Ruby Yacht.


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