AJ Suede and i started a crew. we call it G's Us. no explanations given at this time. we convened at Steel Tipped Dove's crib up in brooklyn and got busy, recorded a 7 song project titled WHAT THEM DOGS DON'T KNOW THEY KNOW

i'm moving different now. i don't say that to forewarn anything so much as to document change. 

peace be with all of you, personally.


2nd Annual Soulfolks Beat Invitational


the most magical time of year has fallen upon us. for it is the season of folly and thump, the soulfolks beat invitational has returned! 

this is your opportunity to play your beats on the mythical ruby yacht soundsystem. to get a spot on the line up, submit your beats to soulfolksrecords@gmail.com by june 1st. if accepted, we will email you back with further instruction. 

the beat invitational is july 7th from 11am to midnight.

this event is open to the public and donations are greatly accepted for entry. 

in addition to 12+ hours of continuous music we will have chef mic true's vegan food truck out front in our parking lot offering a wide variety of vittles. 

our friends at the Goody Vault will be hosting a pop up vintage shop in our soulfolks salon as well as the inimitable Throwing Shade Eyewear, dealing couture sunglasses and the like for all revelers. 

Code Blue Cold Brew will be in the building keeping us caffeinated and upbeat. 

we invite you to stay the day and enjoy yourselves. our neighbors at the Arcane Workshop will be open and hosting rentable game rooms and such. 

see you there
Soulfolks Records & Tapes
115 E Old Hickory Blvd
Nashville, Tennessee 37115
July 7th at 11 AM

submit beats to soulfolksrecords@gmail.com

5 to the Eye with Stars


art by Indiana Brierley


a neohoodonic dip dabble through time and space. an effervescence persistent. bubbling overjoy in overtime, orthofloralpoetical nuance. this will take a strong sense of self. are the visions communicable? then i have reason to doubt them. 



crow billiken


one had to find new methods of operating outside time. rap's positioning as a mouth form, the acquired slickness and the dusty ridge of the bap's boom are my native tongues. but what of the yawp's origin?

i'm from chicago. my blood line traces its way to the city of broad shoulders by way of arkansas like many other great migratory palm road riders. my grandfather would hambone and howl, he liked music played in minor pentatonic motions on acoustic instrumentation. getting your first pair of cowboy boots was a right of passage in my family, you'd go for a drive out west and come back with somn supposedly reptilian; dyed and stretched, pointy at the appropriate places, 1 inch taller. cold blooded. 

we a blues people. it's all in the hokum and the bop. my lazy eye and my drawl, my drawers and my teeth. no longer did i want to play the blues as a metaphor or an intimation of a style. the blues is not an evocation. it is breathwork and shadow play. cross colors at the crossroad crawling king snake moan. calloused on the tips of every finger and the sides of the thumbs. 

i wanted to learn songs that predated the music industry and everything that means, songs that are older than recording, than amplification, songs that are older than electricity in every home. it consumed me. a stream of ideas became a mighty river. what did Black American music sound like before white American business practices began to steal / shape our rhythms? my mind itched constant. 

enter crow billiken 

a bad character. a tennessee hustler.
student of lightskin hopkins,
learned the blues from samuel james
up to biddeford, maine. 
the old style, skrong mojo hand, sharp dress. 
acoustic country blues
from the delta quadrant 
hill country 
memfis to tejas
rhythm and lead
slide and singin

good for a 30 minute set
wherever you need me

contact @

crow billiken twitter
crow billiken instagram

fred mcdowell


somn about fred strikes me as a mason. will do research on this matter at another time.


my sentiments exactly


"what can i say about mc's?
every heart churning insult
will be seen as reason 
to praise their demise. 
i hope they're buried so 
even the maggots and the
worms can't 
breathe. " 

- beans of antipop consortium 

the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures


       during the first of my 15 year exile in the city of gnashville, the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures revealed themselves to i. eleven concise chapters of pure will with no dilution. these scrolls were time tested during the roughest of waters. when the monk relinquishes all things, all baggages, all material goods, all styles, all names, all containers, all ideas to become a shimmering effusion. releasing on Black Friday 2021 (11/26)


executive producer: R.A.P. Ferreira
mixing: vast ness. & R.A.P. Ferreira
mastering: Daddy Kev
artwork: brightboy 


our first visual cue for these seminars is aptly titled "East Nashville", enjoy-- 

    we shall be reading directly from the Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures on Black Friday in Los Angeles at the Echoplex. the ruby yacht will be gathered in full effect. we do humbly request your presence. tickets 


the giga transmission


    peace world
we’ve been preparing. come may 29th we shall let the weapons gleam in open sunlight once again. ballyhoo and much bounty. buy tickets here this will be a live broadcast from SPACE gallery in downtown portland, me. while the stream is open to the public, the physical performance is not. for the first two weeks tickets are 15$ and 18$ day after that. we begin at 8PM EST. see you shortly