the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures


       during the first of my 15 year exile in the city of gnashville, the light emitting diamond cutter scriptures revealed themselves to i. eleven concise chapters of pure will with no dilution. these scrolls were time tested during the roughest of waters. when the monk relinquishes all things, all baggages, all material goods, all styles, all names, all containers, all ideas to become a shimmering effusion. releasing on Black Friday 2021 (11/26)


executive producer: R.A.P. Ferreira
mixing: vast ness. & R.A.P. Ferreira
mastering: Daddy Kev
artwork: brightboy 


our first visual cue for these seminars is aptly titled "East Nashville", enjoy-- 

    we shall be reading directly from the Light Emitting Diamond Cutter Scriptures on Black Friday in Los Angeles at the Echoplex. the ruby yacht will be gathered in full effect. we do humbly request your presence. tickets 


the giga transmission


    peace world
we’ve been preparing. come may 29th we shall let the weapons gleam in open sunlight once again. ballyhoo and much bounty. buy tickets here this will be a live broadcast from SPACE gallery in downtown portland, me. while the stream is open to the public, the physical performance is not. for the first two weeks tickets are 15$ and 18$ day after that. we begin at 8PM EST. see you shortly


notes on BSC from hob mtn

from a solitary peak on the noble Hob Mountain, i write this missive to you, kind traveller.
have you been on this road long? summer seemed to expand well beyond its anticipated boundaries, scorching the whole wide world up, and while i was not burned. i am missing everyone. 

i've heard tell of a curious place, available from anywhere, never closed, and open to those who are knowing. you are guaranteed to be the sole client for the duration of your visit. to put it simply? a cafe, only for you. 

if you find yourself on a particular corner, in a particularly forgettable city-- across the street from a green record store, the cornerstone corner of the hotel scallops; next door to the nOstrum grOcers shop is a small coffeeshop called bob's son cafe. 

a sort of haven for the real Beat Poets, neohoodooists, bluesmamas, shittalkers, seatsniffers and pianists. the air is clean, the menu is stacked and the music is exclusive. 

bob's son cafe

in the cornerstone corner of the hotel scallops; next door to the nOstrum grOcers shop. yes, across the street from the green record store. 

keep an ear to the grindstone. 

we'll talk again after regime change. 



purple moonlight pages & tour announcement

the purple moonlight pages are my reckoning. the triumph song of the perpetual student. the jack of all trades is a master of none but often times better than a master of one. i knew after completing the milo project i wanted to claim a space on the fringes, to become a poet for real. no longer hiding. returning the rhythm to the word. it became obvious to me, listening to "casual horns, dog" that my friends, the jefferson park boys, were precisely skilled to help me find my voice in this way. i will be always grateful to kenny, mike and aaron for playing and producing the music on this album. they are artists of the highest caliber, of seemingly endless inspiration, who tirelessly yank ideas out of only the ripest clouds. it has been my great honor to rap on their works.

the artwork was made by my longtime and lifelong collaborator alexander kollman. while driving through alabama, i would call alex and we would discuss the record, our visions of it, our dreams of it, and the world around us. often times our conversations veered into the realm of aspirational shadowchat and somehow mr kollman was able to distill the essence of these dialogues into the image below, an immediate and pronounced icon.

this project is the beginning of a correction. to produce work that is fundamentally about healing, uplifting, and protecting the positive and funky individuals on this planet. at the upcoming gigs, i'll be playing songs from my beginning as milo to scallops hotel, sprinkles of the hellfyre days, red wall, nostrum grocers, joints from the hoodwinker tape as well as new numbers straight out the purple moonlight pages.

the ruby yacht, soulfolks thinktank and bookoo bread co. would like to thank mr ben clarkson for his visionary work and effort on the groundbreaking video for the song "leaving hell" on purple moonlight pages.

we at potlicker enterprises would also like to announce the malasadas, borboletas, & saudade tour with r.a.p. ferreira & dazeases. dates and tickets can be found here.

we thank you for rocking with us on the other side of time.


[world premiere][music video] R.A.P. FERREIRA - DOLDRUMS

art by alexander laird

R.A.P. Ferreira and the Jefferson Park Boys debut first single "DOLDRUMS" from upcoming LP titled "purple moonlight pages"

to pair with this most excellent of news, we've announced upcoming "purple moonlight pages tour" with special guest kaila chare over here.


shit talkin'

at the very edge of who i think i am, shaking. the discipline and focus needed to activate one's dreams takes, more often than not, if the vision is original, an entire lifetime. i see artists in this time clinging to markets, numbers, dollars, cosigns, alliances, and bright lights. i suppose not much has changed.

when i started rapping, to me, it seemed obvious this art form speaks directly to the animus of the person. it goes beyond the vessel and taps into the deep murk, the darkest umbra of self. and swirling around in the toilet basin of our collective unconscious there is, unsurprisingly, lots of trauma.

but what else?

that feels like my question, my purpose, my sight. what else is there down here? lots of detritus, lots of broken pieces of pablum and nonsense, but i have always loved spare parts. what can i make of these? at first it was nerd-hop, then art rap, then poetry, now simply rappin'.

what is it these artists are grasping for? the academy has no answers. silicon valley has no answers. broadway has no answers. hollywood is vacant. the live stream contaminated.

the chitlin circuit hoppin doe. the dive bar stretches on, infinitely.
there's a minivan waiting for me in a lot in toledo.

as a creative it is imperative i do not wait to be saved.

stationed in tennessee now, writing among spirits and goblins, all ghouls have been banished.
my vision is undisturbed and my focus powerful. i want for nothing. i have carved a safe space from lava, i roast marshmallows from my perch and ponder the illustrious.

reader, know in your soul, life is a tremendous and beautiful thing.

find me in nashville, on the eastside, whippin zebedee wit my little lord.

my life is my offering to my craft.
i will never give up.

-rf interview (STU TRIPS 002) + premiere

on the road up north doing a bit of meandering and sauntering, found myself at the renowned art colony above SOULFOLKS RECORDS and was able to secure a brief, stimulating interview with the reclusive, visionary artist known as or alex kollman. he represents 1/1,000th of the ruby yacht crew, 1/2 of the PATTERNS workshop, 1/2 of REDWALL and 1/4th the kollmans in kenosha. the following is excerpted from a conversation held in the artist's studio, this accompanies a new video for "approachable" & "small shop" from's latest solo release, "i steel of radiance, i feel so action" or the "strata" communique.

we'll begin with a viewing.


SOULFOLKS: so let's begin this interview, i'm going to ask you a couple of questions...
KOLLMAN: the connect became disconnected
SOULFOLKS: ahh. uhm, tell me about alienation even though you've never been connected.
SOULFOLKS: took too long. about the song you have coming out, is it true it was ghostwritten?
KOLLMAN: by ghost dog
SOULFOLKS: phenomenal, we're big fans here. have you heard about the sequel?
KOLLMAN: i have, is it out yet?
SOULFOLKS: it is, but to a limited audience. are you a beatmaker or a painter?
KOLLMAN: definitely a paintmakerbeater
SOULFOLKS: what frequency do you rock on?
SOULFOLKS: remarkable
SOULFOLKS: now you have, how did you learn about sazon?
KOLLMAN: from you
SOULFOLKS: damn that must be a good friend
SOULFOLKS: we'll return real quick
SOULFOLKS to SB THE MOOR: what is it like living next to
SB THE MOOR: it is one of those things where you're always inspired by the smells, noises, sights coming out from underneath the cracks in the floorboards. it's a treat. i mentioned this morning, i actually treasure and cherish this art making colony that we've established here.
SOULFOLKS: thank you for your time.
SOULFOLKS to PINK NAVEL: how do you feel about what it is al makes?
PINK NAVEL: what al makes is very, hm, how shall i put this? extremely wise. i hear the music he makes, in the process and i see extreme focus and intent put into every step.
SOULFOLKS: thank you. that's plenty. God bless both of you.
SOULFOLKS to KOLLMAN: now what does your mom think of the new track?
KOLLMAN: dude it's a new video, not a new track.
SOULFOLKS: it is a new track. it's dropped divorced from a body, is it not?
KOLLMAN: no it's from steel of radiance....
SOULFOLKS: but is steel of radiance accompanying it?
KOLLMAN: no it is sometime after
SOULFOLKS: so it's all alone on it's own.
KOLLMAN: you're right
SOULFOLKS: so how does mom feel about it?
KOLLMAN: she quite likes it.
SOULFOLKS: anything we should know about projects coming in the future?
KOLLMAN: a collaboration between scallops hotel and myself.
SOULFOLKS: that's very interesting., we thank you for your time as we invade your space and chief your ism, very inspired by your work here. any shout outs?
KOLLMAN: big double lung shout out to the ruby yacht
SOULFOLKS: we can get with that.



intentions and transitions

peace planet earth and the extraterrestrial party persons who inhabit the sphere

transmissions had cooled to a luke minimum for sometime as a number of strategic
guerrilla operations were executed on behalf of the bookoo bread co. & ruby yacht thieves guild
throughout major american megadelopocropolises.

the troupe has branched into separate holdings and principalities for the time being to
meditate and restore mana, develop new shadow techniques, and to begin the excellent task
of creating symbols.

username: bob

we intend for the next year, that is stardate a. d. 2020 to be one of exciting beacons
and forecasts.

recently found myself with a pocketful of early evening and spent it at the theater viewing the following:

realizing at the end of times, i want to be driving 'a 92 caddy brougham. hmu with leads.

the following is a foto series encapsulating one of the most trying periods of my life.
you will notice everything is incredibly beautiful and calm.

stay up

yours in art and will,

37 gems

we are bored by the generic mediocrity dominating the rap landscape at present.
we are appalled by the doublespeak deployed from dubious agents working in tandem with nefarious sources to take what is individual and make mass produced. to assume our trust in an unnatural process is to make us incompetent. if we are anything, it is able. if we are anything, it is.

from perches, short foot holds, and dugout lookouts we make magic with sleight of poetics. folding the happenstance fabric of time-space back into itself, it's tailors dominating the 21st century. tailors and electricians. we grow tired of how algorithms spit. programmers cannot seem to capture the spirit of what is or what could be. literal romantics lacking hope it is obvious their visions are plagued by the past. we tap shoulders, we point, we duck n cover.

37 gems is an album by the ruby yacht. it was forged in secret with love and an understanding of dream logic. this album could very possibly change how you appear to yourself outside of mirrors.

what is the ruby yacht? a question as old as time and one that deserves a new answer with every asked utterance.

the ruby yacht is a poet gang, a conglomerate of wacko's who obviously love nothing more than life itself. we are the hoarders of cheat codes, the speakerknockers, the wellthunk monks. potent delivery.

enjoy the album
we made it just for you.