R.A.P. Ferreira, booksmart idiot and ignoble poet laureate of the ruby yacht redguard division invites you to attend the following rhythmic poetic explorations throughout dystopian america. in addition to the ruby yacht and her bountiful miracles, joining the tour as the preeminent child of zion, blessing believers in babylon by night bus, the incomparable Kaila Chare.
we anticipate breakthrough and breakdown as audience and artist dare to gaze directly upon the purple moonlight pages.

3/11/2020 - Nashville, TN @ Cobra TICKETS
3/12/2020 - Louisville, KY @ Kaiju TICKETS
3/13/2020 - Cincinnati, OH @ Urban Artifact TICKETS
3/14/2020 - Columbus, OH @ Big Room Bar TICKETS
3/15/2020 - Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit Lodge TICKETS
3/16/2020 - OFF
3/17/2020 - Ithaca, NY @ The Haunt TICKETS
3/18/2020 - Burlington, VT @ Arts Riot TICKETS
3/19/2020 - Portland, ME @ Space Gallery TICKETS
3/20/2020 - Greenfield, MA @ Hawks and Reed TICKETS
3/21/2020 -Brooklyn, NY @ Elsewhere Zone One TICKETS
3/22/2020 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kungfu Necktie TICKETS
3/23/2020 - OFF
3/24/2020 - Washington, DC @ Pie Shop TICKETS
3/25/2020 - Richmond, VA @ Wonderland TICKETS
3/26/2020 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 TICKETS
3/27/2020 - Charlotte, NC @ Snug Harbor TICKETS
3/28/2020 - Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5 TICKETS
3/29/2020 - Orlando, FL @ Will's Pub TICKETS
3/30/2020 - OFF
3/31/2020 - Tampa Bay, FL @ Crowbar TICKETS

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 the late-sleeping utopian,
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  1. Austin and Brooklyn tickets link?

  2. Waitin on that sweet Brooklyn link fate smiled on me and I'll already be in the city that day

  3. A stop by Cincinnati would be much appreciated. It would be an honor to see one great poet rise out of the ashes of another.

  4. Sad you aren't hitting Ithaca again in your travels

  5. Europe needs you Ferreira. Come to Paris someday, I'd love to meet you. We're lacking poets here.

  6. canada would like a word wit u

  7. Seems like I'll be making the trek from Canada down to this mysterious town called Ithica

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