R.A.P. Ferreira, booksmart idiot and ignoble peon poet of the ruby yacht redguard division takes his hyper beatitudinal phOnk cannon on the road. workshopping and woodshedding some far-out, advanced shapes in hopes of a breakthrough. we do cordially invite you to step outside of yourself in pursuit of a Real Freaky Good Time at the following metropolitan hubs in Settler North America. 

September 4th - Boston, MA @ the Middle East TICKETS
September 8th - Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater TICKETS
September 12th - Brooklyn, NY @ Sunnyvale TICKETS
September 21st - Chicago, IL @ the Hideout TICKETS
September 26th - Atlanta, GA @ 529 TICKETS

October 3rd - Austin, TX @ Barracuda TICKETS
October 10th - Seattle, WA @ Chop Suey TICKETS
October 25th - LA, CA @ Catch One TICKETS
October 26th - SF, CA @ Bottom of the Hill TICKETS
October 30th - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry TICKETS


  1. Austin and Brooklyn tickets link?

  2. Waitin on that sweet Brooklyn link fate smiled on me and I'll already be in the city that day

  3. A stop by Cincinnati would be much appreciated. It would be an honor to see one great poet rise out of the ashes of another.

  4. Sad you aren't hitting Ithaca again in your travels


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