Been home from tour a cool couple weeks, if i remember correctly it was Chicago had the best biscuits in the middle west. The Milo moniker is properly retired with regards to US of A and barring one last jaunt to the UK we can put the whole thing to rest*.


The amount of love and attention the project has received over the course of 8 years is nothing short of awe inducing... when folks began sending in tattoos (documented on @roryfarted ig) it overwhelmed my emotions! Poetry is our last chance at freedom!!! I see that so clearly now thanks to this audience and so I thank you for helping me to this point and place. Thank you for receiving my art! Big ups and eternal blessings to my family in the ruby yacht who toured wimme, Randal bravery, signor Benedick the moor and pink navel. Shout out my dawg dee hutch at black hand tattoo for doing my favorite tattoo yet. Peace to my uncle who rocked a freestyle on stage too. And shout out that one homie in Pittsburgh who sat on stage the whole set and rocked wit my law office shtick. You a champion for that.

Soulfolks is closing its public store front operations and seeking more clandestine enterprise as a think tank. We felt this was a correct realignment as we have always advocated maintaining a constant study as part of being a working artist. I’ll define working artist as: one who eats off what they make. If this is you, i think you’re an artist. I know i am.

Part of what that means to me is being as inspired as i can be all of the time. A lot of modern artists agree with me but maybe not as an explicit thesis however i hear in their music the call signs of mundane enlightenment (which i dig too). Channeling to a deeper level of transcendent enlightenment would require more energy and a higher level of focus, it would require deep research, silence, time and space.


The temple in the Green will now be a roving mind weapon in the wilds of babylon. We will pop up and out, we will engage the world through art on our own terms only, we will vanish without trace.

As part of our public operations this blog is going to take a more exploratory bent, I’ll be interviewing artists in their studios about their process, habits and life.

Recorded a 7 song effort upon returning home... i feel very good about it.

I have not by any means quit rap.

: )

See you soon




  1. is that from notes from the woodshed?

  2. Loved reading this. Looking forward to those interviews, and other future updates. Big love.

  3. Thanks for everything you be doing. I was a late observer to your art, it's taken me o. A journey of self and in all seriousness it has provided me with a whole new perspective. Looking forward to following this as it becomes known to all. Peace. ☮️

  4. Sad that I could not meet you and experience your art up close, I was too young to ever go to a show - Cannot wait to see what you do in the future through all of your projects. Much love from Worcester MA.