R.A.P. Ferreira - Respectdue (video premiere)

what if we could stretch out further? what if vitality was a virtue? what if you knew me by my drums? by my vocabulary? by how i make my sinews expand at will to encompass whatever i wish?

it became imperative sometime last year that i begin to make music under my real name. as fate would have it my chosen stage name had become tarnished by dubious associations both psychic and actual, categorical and mistaken. in short, there was jus too much baggage with the old four letter nom de guerre. and that's what it was. but now, i write songs and i know they shine particularly.

this song is called Respectdue. it samples myka 9 of freestyle fellowship for the hook. it has a thunderous bass line. i told kenny i wanted my own "don't sweat the technique", somn to lay down some principles to. the jefferson park boys are kenny segal, mike parvizi and aaron carmack as well as their homies and cohorts who circle in and out of their homes, studios and shared neighborhood of, you guessed it, jefferson park. they are musicians of another caliber, which is to say they've moved beyond base motivations and are refining and have been refining their craft into expertise daily for several years. what i'm trying to say is these doods are heavyhitters and it ain't no joke to have their ear, their eye or their attention. i don't take their work for granted and i want(ed) each word to fit like the jewels in the gem encrusted sheath of the illest ceremonial sword. peace to the JPB!

in my own journey as an artist i've come, after years of avoidance (honestly), to the frontier of abstraction. i'm trying to cut down my economy of words, i'm trying to rap how i speak or how i remember speaking in dreams but without missing a beat or a cadence. i'm finding natural speaking cadences to be my biggest source of inspiration, especially from my family. at 27, i have been rapping to eat for 8 years and i crib/steal from whomever whenever it pleases me. there are no rules to making art and certainly not rap other than to be dope. this is a game. the universe wants to play and i do too. what's most exciting is if one plays well one could potentially wind up with ... land?

that is what i would do with Rapper Money.
i'd buy an old ass motel and the land around it.
i'd flip the rooms into studios for artists and the center pool into a food forest.

i mean i'm cappin right now but i'm not.



this song--
what does it represent?

it's the first one i've ever put out using my real name.
suppose that means something