s.al interview (STU TRIPS 002) + premiere

on the road up north doing a bit of meandering and sauntering, found myself at the renowned art colony above SOULFOLKS RECORDS and was able to secure a brief, stimulating interview with the reclusive, visionary artist known as s.al or alex kollman. he represents 1/1,000th of the ruby yacht crew, 1/2 of the PATTERNS workshop, 1/2 of REDWALL and 1/4th the kollmans in kenosha. the following is excerpted from a conversation held in the artist's studio, this accompanies a new video for "approachable" & "small shop" from s.al's latest solo release, "i steel of radiance, i feel so action" or the "strata" communique.

we'll begin with a viewing.


SOULFOLKS: so let's begin this interview, i'm going to ask you a couple of questions...
KOLLMAN: the connect became disconnected
SOULFOLKS: ahh. uhm, tell me about alienation even though you've never been connected.
SOULFOLKS: took too long. about the song you have coming out, is it true it was ghostwritten?
KOLLMAN: by ghost dog
SOULFOLKS: phenomenal, we're big fans here. have you heard about the sequel?
KOLLMAN: i have, is it out yet?
SOULFOLKS: it is, but to a limited audience. are you a beatmaker or a painter?
KOLLMAN: definitely a paintmakerbeater
SOULFOLKS: what frequency do you rock on?
SOULFOLKS: remarkable
SOULFOLKS: now you have, how did you learn about sazon?
KOLLMAN: from you
SOULFOLKS: damn that must be a good friend
SOULFOLKS: we'll return real quick
SOULFOLKS to SB THE MOOR: what is it like living next to s.al?
SB THE MOOR: it is one of those things where you're always inspired by the smells, noises, sights coming out from underneath the cracks in the floorboards. it's a treat. i mentioned this morning, i actually treasure and cherish this art making colony that we've established here.
SOULFOLKS: thank you for your time.
SOULFOLKS to PINK NAVEL: how do you feel about what it is al makes?
PINK NAVEL: what al makes is very, hm, how shall i put this? extremely wise. i hear the music he makes, in the process and i see extreme focus and intent put into every step.
SOULFOLKS: thank you. that's plenty. God bless both of you.
SOULFOLKS to KOLLMAN: now what does your mom think of the new track?
KOLLMAN: dude it's a new video, not a new track.
SOULFOLKS: it is a new track. it's dropped divorced from a body, is it not?
KOLLMAN: no it's from steel of radiance....
SOULFOLKS: but is steel of radiance accompanying it?
KOLLMAN: no it is sometime after
SOULFOLKS: so it's all alone on it's own.
KOLLMAN: you're right
SOULFOLKS: so how does mom feel about it?
KOLLMAN: she quite likes it.
SOULFOLKS: anything we should know about s.al projects coming in the future?
KOLLMAN: a collaboration between scallops hotel and myself.
SOULFOLKS: that's very interesting. s.al, we thank you for your time as we invade your space and chief your ism, very inspired by your work here. any shout outs?
KOLLMAN: big double lung shout out to the ruby yacht
SOULFOLKS: we can get with that.



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