purple moonlight pages & tour announcement

the purple moonlight pages are my reckoning. the triumph song of the perpetual student. the jack of all trades is a master of none but often times better than a master of one. i knew after completing the milo project i wanted to claim a space on the fringes, to become a poet for real. no longer hiding. returning the rhythm to the word. it became obvious to me, listening to "casual horns, dog" that my friends, the jefferson park boys, were precisely skilled to help me find my voice in this way. i will be always grateful to kenny, mike and aaron for playing and producing the music on this album. they are artists of the highest caliber, of seemingly endless inspiration, who tirelessly yank ideas out of only the ripest clouds. it has been my great honor to rap on their works.

the artwork was made by my longtime and lifelong collaborator alexander kollman. while driving through alabama, i would call alex and we would discuss the record, our visions of it, our dreams of it, and the world around us. often times our conversations veered into the realm of aspirational shadowchat and somehow mr kollman was able to distill the essence of these dialogues into the image below, an immediate and pronounced icon.

this project is the beginning of a correction. to produce work that is fundamentally about healing, uplifting, and protecting the positive and funky individuals on this planet. at the upcoming gigs, i'll be playing songs from my beginning as milo to scallops hotel, sprinkles of the hellfyre days, red wall, nostrum grocers, joints from the hoodwinker tape as well as new numbers straight out the purple moonlight pages.

the ruby yacht, soulfolks thinktank and bookoo bread co. would like to thank mr ben clarkson for his visionary work and effort on the groundbreaking video for the song "leaving hell" on purple moonlight pages.

we at potlicker enterprises would also like to announce the malasadas, borboletas, & saudade tour with r.a.p. ferreira & dazeases. dates and tickets can be found here.

we thank you for rocking with us on the other side of time.



  1. https://www.academia.edu/33877231/All_about_love_bell_hooks

  2. hello RF,

    your growth is and always has been ideal.
    next level ultra instinct, if you wanna heal.
    you sought reality, so what's the deal?

    i would want to be your friend but
    i'm likely not good enough.

  3. Only been a fan a year or so love from the uk

  4. I pray you tour THIS record someday for it deserves it as much as you deserve to perform it and the people to hear it. Love and Reese's Puffs.

  5. Sending love from Gary Indiana ❤️🥺

  6. I've been returning to this album recently, and I want to express just how much I believe this is a contribution to the art-world which brings with it great meaning, and plenty of enjoyment to myself. Thank you R.A.P. Ferreira