grand opening

soulfolks records (53 main st. biddeford, maine)
will be open to the general public for the first time wednesday april 4th, 2018 at noon pm.
ribbon cutting at 1155.
party rocking conducted by artists local to the shop as well as homies from afar. please join us in celebrating with justplainjones, offsite, pink navel, artie do goodkenny segal, r.bravery, signor benedick the moorachene, scallops, elucid, billy woodssamuel james.

we look forward to seeing you there.

our regular hours are

however this week we will be closed FRI, SAT.
soulfolks records is an artist owned independent tape & record shop with love for all independent musicians and an intention to trace rap historically, meaning an exploration beyond what is catalogued, bought&sold as rap but what is mana and bone of rap.

soulfolks records is halved by a performance space called the living room. here, we invite mcs, djs, beatmakers as well as other musicians to get open & free through lineups presented in conjunction with the almighty ruby yacht

on a personal note this shop is the portal my rap life has opened, i'm writing in this space often. digging thru my own shelves to make beats, testing songs on the shop system... i can't say i feel unlike a blacksmith. shout out al for building all the furniture in the shop and driving 500 scallops hotel records wimme from milwaukee, big up the shop's custodian miles for keeping the temple immaculate. my momma ran an after school program 2blocks down the street from where this shop is, so lowkey she scouted the location-- well done thank you momma. 3cheers my old man who had a computer store when i was in 5th grade so i knew this shit wasn't impossible, 4cheers jboogie for housing us while we worked on the shop eeryday, 5cheers to icey ice for makin s.x.giggleso loud, 7cheers cj for guarding the emperor and thanks to yall whom bought my music since i was in a dorm room to this moment, where im opening a fucking recordstore.




  1. Awesome! Would love to collab, we run sine wave surfers, flora collective and travel team. Hit us up anytime. Much love.

  2. I sent 2 copies of my self-published book to the studio. Big fan. Read the book, burn the book, expect a delivery with my name on it.