day 2 is the real day 1

first day at the temple in the Green was a family function more than anything. it was an honor and a pleasure to open the nexus worldwide with a 7 hour livestreaming of the performances in the living room. the day was raucous tryna juggle being a papa, a shopkeep, and a mc so my foto evidence is lackin. we took the livestream down at the conclusion to maintain a whiff of sanctitude. it's our hope you come in for a visit.

big ups our neighbors next door at que huong for blessing us with lunch!

catch the vibe below. today we got sb the moor, artie do good,, offsite, ehiorobo and pink navel in the living room tinkering. i'm at the front desk sketching on flesh my perceptions of fresh.

today we open for regular business, noon to 7.
closed this weekend cos i got shows out of town and i need reuppance.


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