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shopkeeping is some ill shit. becoming an independent rapper means adopting the cloak of chaotic whim as lifeblood and the shopkeep is really not about that life. the shopkeep dusts and catalogs, the shopkeep has keen eyes and clean hands, the shopkeep approaches with a tidying hand and a barter's tongue. the shopkeep has weapons. the independent rapper postures, the shopkeep has impeccable posture. to own a small business in america is to have a standing in local politics, this record store had to pass a small town's council approval, pass code enforcement officer inspection and be registered by many different offices onto many small pieces of paper.

anyway i have accounts at record distributors. we're reupping this week in preparation of record store day. not that we are in cahoots with any of that... because we are not. however we are the only rap record shop in a 3 state radius so we will be stocked and open and ready, regardless of day.

as an artist i own the rights to my entire catalog. after i split from hellfyre club to start ruby yacht, i hired an attorney (whaddap jenn) and got ownership back to things that happen at day, things that happen at night as well as a toothpaste suburb.

a week after we opened soulfolks records, we received a shipment from ruby yacht's manufacturers
containing the following:

until around may i believe soulfolks records will have the exclusive on this vinyl. first time "things that happen at day // things that happen at night" double EPs have been pressed to wax, and i'm proud of this 1. shout out riley lake for producing day, analog(ue) tape dispenser for producing night. shout out nicky donalds for recording and mixing for me, colin shekem as well. i wrote these works while attending st. norbert college, my 3rd and final year there. oddly enough jus got the bill from them clowns the other day, i owe 10k for trauma and jailtime i spose.

in college i rowed boats:

as you can see consternation comes naturally to the kid. honestly feel snc owes me a check but i digress....

the good homie peter agoston visited the shop with his podcast, the house list. we got to chop it up in the temple in the Green, came out fly:

i got a twitch account to stream skyrim and psychonauts when i'm bored at the shop.

also soulfolks has an instagram

we on twitter

but you already know this blog is the best place to make contact.

our hours this week and the next and the next and so on are


thanks for rockin wit me


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  1. Could you ship this out to me? Just bought Soverign Nose... and could throw in a little extra scratch for this as well. Lemme know - colerjones AT gmail