soulfolks records & tapes is fully operational again. we sourced some staff from the middle north and randal bravery has joined us to slang tapes and make beats on premises.

 i'm excited about this. the shop has received a lot of love in person and online and we want to take a beat to reciprocate it. thanks for extending your antenna to the temple in the Green, we're reaching back. we've got a lot of exciting ish lined up for the upcoming season change. 

september 16th we've got ehiorobo's alternate tsar of gamble coming through to spread the dour dapper phonk that only the fleetzerozero commandante can. in addition, the tour is supported by ruby yacht's own and pink navel. we've also got ruby yacht's jumping on the bill. so, essentially, 9/16 is a family reunion of sorts. bring warm hugs and an air of genuine empathy, we'll be settin it off around 7pm. all ages.

i'm trying my hand at weekly orchestrated drops on our webstore here. doin' about 20 shirts a week, and keeping it stocked with hard to find tapes and vinyl from the ruby yacht catalog. we're establishing a tiny ruby yacht studio to begin work on a label comp album. it's overdue and something we've studied at great length, i think we're finally ready.

after 7 years of rapping full time it's been helpful to take a step back and survey the landscape. so much has changed since the beginning of this journey w/r/t what is and is not hip in the genre. i feel it is more fragmented than ever before and the isolationism evident in art is only reflective of our larger populace. i find myself often thinking i make my best work alone and i am curious where that instinct comes from. the ruby yacht compilation will be an exciting opportunity to jam a bit more pointedly and i look forward to it.

see you soon friends


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