beatitudinal measurements

peace all. we at the soulfolks thinktank are hard at work preparing for what will surely be the hypbeatitudinal event of the year on this particular strip of American coastline. 

so far, over 30 beatmakers have been sourced from as far as Australia to come bring the bop and thump. admission is ten bones and will get you in all day, 12 hours. the shop will be open from noon to five and when the shop closes the vibe will undoubtedly switch over to more of a proper show experience. 

if you're on the fence about visiting us for this event, we'd ask you to kindly hop off and come on down. this is the last event we will throw for awhile as we eye an expansion towards a SOULFOLKS WEST location (see: bookstore) in LA. 

while submissions are softly closed we would ask cats to continue submitting at as we can replace/reorient/swap out anyone who cannot make it day of or what have you. 

blessings rain

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  1. Interesting site you have and blessings from a fellow soulcat musician.
    HW Studio