the beat invitational was a hoot. 14 hours of rhythm and pulse orchestrated, uninterrupted, free transmissions that oriented toward healing vibration. we, soulfolks, are grateful to the hordes and legions that ventured far and wide from remote isle and snowcapped peaks to the temple in the Green. the evening was documented well on s.al's ig. there were a number of left over commemorative tank tops and totes, any interest out there in purchasing? leave comment if so.

for autumn i've planned a mixtape (cassette exclusive) and a slim book of thoughts. my primary method of pushing this project will be a blitz of shows through a handful of american cities to workshop and woodshed materials for [redacted].

the first mixtape i made was in 2011 and there's warm yellow tint nostalgia flooding my mind presently to be adding to the catalog in that direction in 2019 and beyond. mixtapes are a reliable time machine. there's a special sovereignty to mixtapes, a fortress that is built from sound collage and pastiche that becomes bullet proof in psionic ways. this project makes me think of opening the front door in the evening after a thick, heavy rain and walking out into the yard to pick up long, thick as thumbs nightcrawlers. this tape emerges in that same way, slicks and slides. midnight blue murk for the headphones and lone nights in with single bulb light sources.

for the next month at the afrolab, eldon is working with us on new imaginative technologies of rhythm and poetry. the esteemed luminary of dub and peng who happens to mc, dj, and smell good is in town from London. ruby yacht redguard, soulfolks deepbop scientist and bookoo bread co., big dough specialist, eldon somers is a true wizard's wizard.  when you hear what we've been working on, remember this introduction.

summer is in full swing and i haven't picked enough berries. i'll holler with show details in the next week or so. 

your friend,


  1. Ayyye dope to hear eldon is kickin it for a bit and helpin you with some spells. Catch you in SF for the show

    Whats up with that xtra merch!???

  2. this commemorative memorabilia intrigues me. where can i cop

  3. I would like to purchase a tank top please

  4. I'd be down for extra merch too, where could I grab some, just came to the show today at the middle east it was lit

  5. Yes, to a tank. Advise further please.